Friday Jul 12th, 2019


The 5 Best Winter Renovation Projects to Take On

Due to the cold and snowy weather, most people tend to disregard the winter months when they think of home renovation. Despite this, the winter can be a great time to tackle these projects as it is easier to find a contractor to hire than it would be during any other time of the year. Don’t be intimidated by the weather as there are so many indoor winter renovation projects that can be done that can make a huge impact on your home and everyday life.

Organize/Remodel Your Closet

This weather can bring out a lazy side in a lot of us and spaces like closets have a tendency to get cluttered quickly. While avoiding the outdoors, take the time to organize your closet and create a space that is easily accessible, tidy, and easy to maintain. If you do not already have a closet organizational system that works for you, look to hire someone to build one for you. Whether it is just a few extra shelves and racks, or an entire walk-in closet, it will make the world of difference.

Interior Painting

Painting is such a simple and inexpensive way to make a drastic change to any room. The dark winter months may inspire you to paint with lighter and brighter colours which will give the space a more modern feel. Although the thought of painting during the colder months intimidates some, windows do not even need to be opened if the paint being used is environmentally friendly and waterborne, as they do not have virtually any fumes.

Crown Moulding

Installing crown moulding in your home is the perfect way to add some character and to give the place an upscale feel to it. Although it may seem like an unnecessary task, there is no doubt it creates a wow factor and will increase your resale value if you ever decide to sell your home.

Reupholster Furniture

Purchasing a whole new set of furniture can not only be costly, but it can also be difficult if you have a strict colour and/or material preference. By reupholstering furniture you already own, you can not only choose the exact material and colour that you want, but you can also save a whole lot of money that can be put toward something else for the room. Sometimes a little facelift is all you need!

Update Light Fixtures

Looking to light up your space in a new way? Updating your light fixtures can make a big difference, whether you are installing a statement chandelier or just a few more potlights. It is a fairly inexpensive renovation to undergo and one that can really make a noticeable difference.

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