Thursday Jun 25th, 2020


5 Ways to Update Your Patio for Summer 2020


As the weather warms up and the days get longer, Canadians are spending more and more time outdoors. While we’re all limited in where we can go, why not make your home the go-to destination? If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space such as a patio, now is the perfect time to spruce it up. Read on to learn 5 easy ways to update your patio for summer 2020.


1. Bring Indoor Comforts Outside


Need a break from lounging on the couch all day? Why not lounge outside in the sun instead! No matter the size of your patio, there’s seating out there that will fit your space. If you can’t find the right fit online, consider having a pro custom build your seating. With the help of a handyman or carpenter, you can have beautiful custom seating that is a perfect fit for your outdoor patio. Layer some outdoor pillows and throw blankets to make it as comfortable as your living room couch. Add a book or your laptop to catch some rays while lounging.


2. A Place to Dine


When the weather is warm and beautiful outside, why not take advantage and enjoy your meals al fresco? While we’re unable to enjoy restaurant patios right now, invest in creating your own outdoor dining experience. Take what would have been your going out budget and put it towards a new outdoor dining set. Add some mood lighting in the form of twinkling lights and get the kids to serve you dinner for the whole experience. If your patio isn’t large enough for a big table, try adding a bistro table with a chair or two. Having a designated spot in the sun to drink your morning coffee can be just as enjoyable as going to your favourite coffee shop.


3. Add Colour and Texture


Much like inside your home, adding colour and texture will help make your outdoor space pop. Whether it’s through your furniture or plants, adding bright colours will always make a space look fresh. You can add bright flowers to your garden or add colourful pots and planters to your patio. If you have a  smaller space, think vertical with your plants to incorporate colours and textures. Tip: try matching your flowers to your throw pillows’ colour scheme to create a cohesive look.


4. Create Designated Zones


If you’ve been working from home lately, you know how important it is to try to create a designated work zone. The same can be done with your outdoor spaces. Instead of looking out at a backyard with lots of potential but no order, try creating designated zones. This means having separate spaces for your new outdoor couch and your dining area. The easiest way to create designated zones is to separate them visually. You can do this by mixing up the flooring (see our next point) and adding an outdoor rug. You can create levels by adding a deck or platform to help visually separate your zones. Think of the activities you will use your outdoor space for and try to define an area for each of them.


5. Mix Up Your Flooring


Whether you’re starting fresh or updating your existing patio, the right flooring makes all the difference. With so many options, it’s easy to incorporate a few to really help define your space. From wood and stone to gravel and tile, your options are nearly endless when it comes to creating a unique patio space for your home. 


Summer is well on its way, so you need to get started on these projects sooner rather than later. Invest some time and money into these projects now so you can relax and enjoy all summer long.

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