Wednesday Apr 22nd, 2020



How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Backyard

As property prices get bigger and bigger, the size of land we’re buying is getting smaller and smaller. You may have found the perfect house in the perfect location, but the size of the yard you were hoping for has been cut in half. Never fear, you can still make the most of your tiny outdoor space. Try these tips so you can maximize your backyard.

1. Adjust the Shape

Having a wonky shaped backyard is going to make things more difficult. Ideally, your yard would be square or rectangle, as those are the easiest shapes to work with when it comes to designing spaces. If yours is a shape that you can’t describe, try filling in the odd spots with flowers, shrubs or trees to create a more uniform and visually appealing shape.

2. Smooth it Out

Just like that wonky shape, a bumpy backyard is going to be hard to work with. If you really want to make your backyard a retreat, spend the time and money and have the ground flattened out. This is a process called yard levelling and can be done by a landscaping company. This way whatever items you decide to put in your backyard will lay flat and not fall over or look slightly askew.

3. Think Vertical

If you’re limited in space, the best place to go is up. You can install vertical planters, buy trellises for crawling plants, and even use your fences to grow small plants like herbs and succulents. Use anything that will help draw the eye upwards. Even adding tall shrubs and trees can help create the illusion of height. To separate and define your spaces, try adding a raised deck. This will help to visually break up the space by adding another level to it.

4. Create Designated Zones

Having designated zones for multiple activities will create the illusion that there’s more space than there really is. Think about what you will be using your backyard for. Entertaining and gardening? Create a seating area separate from your garden. An easy way to visually create separate zones is by mixing up the flooring. If you backyard is currently all grass, try adding some stonework or patio flooring to clearly divide the space. By visually breaking up the multiple areas, your backyard will instantly look bigger than it really is.

5. Add Lighting

The right lighting can make all the difference. If you’re planning on using your backyard at night, add some fairy lights or add solar-powered lights to your garden so they come on at night. Having pretty twinkling lights will make the space feel cozier and more inviting. Add tea lights and candles too. Citronella candles are a great option as they provide the warmth and light of regular candles but help keep pesky mosquitoes away.

6. Have Fun

While you may not have the biggest backyard in the world, there’s no reason you can’t have fun with its design. Incorporate bright, bold colours and patterns where you can. Even if there’s only room for just one chair, make sure it’s a chair you love to look at. By having some fun with your design elements, you’ll focus more on the beautiful pieces and less on the amount of space.

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