Wednesday Jul 22nd, 2020


6 Eye-Catching Exterior Paint Trends For 2020

First impressions are everything, and your exterior paint colour can really set the tone for what the rest of the house is going to look like. By updating your home’s exterior, you can create undeniable curb appeal that lasts for years to come.

There is no doubt that painting your entire home’s exterior is intimidating and that is why we are here to help you make the right decision.

A few things to keep in mind before choosing a colour:

Take a look around your neighbourhood (especially the few houses in close proximity to yours). What colour palette are they using? How do you feel about it? Of course you want your house to stand out, but not in a crazy way so try to find a colour palette that flows.

A home’s exterior style (what looks good and what doesn’t) is very influenced by its architecture. Obviously, it is important to choose a colour that is trendy, but it is even more important to acknowledge what colours look best with the building materials used.

Read on to see the most popular exterior paint trends this year.

Pair with: Bold or natural accents

White is a hue that will never go out of style. It is clean and simple, but can easily be elevated with striking details. Take this opportunity to add a little personality to your home with a colourful door or some natural wooden beams.

Dark Grey
Pair with: White and deep turquoise accents

Some people are scared of going a little dark, but a neutral colour like grey can be sophisticated and inviting. In order to balance it out, be sure to add white trim and an abundance of landscaping. Looking to try a little something different? Add a dark turquoise door as a way to complement the other shades.

Pastel Green
Pair with: White and brown accents

Lighter hues have been hugely popular this year, especially this colour. Adding white trim creates a clean look, which is then complemented by the wooden accents. A beautiful and natural palette!

Hunter Green
Pair with: Red door and taupe accents

Just as the lighter shade of green has been popular within the last year, so has its darker relative. You cannot help but get a homey feeling from this shade, especially when it is paired with a red front door, and taupe trim.

White puddy
Pair with: Olive green door

This paint colour is definitely a safe choice, but a good one nonetheless. Because of that, it is the ideal hue to update your exterior with when putting your home up for sale, as it has the ability to appeal to the majority. An olive green door and a lighter coloured trim will complete this look.

Sky blue
Pair with: Black or navy blue accents

This lighter shade of blue undoubtedly brings a nautical feel to the home, perfect for a property close or far away from the water. As a way to complement this light and airy vibe, look to add darker accents of navy blue or black (window shutters and/or door).


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