Monday May 11th, 2020


Your 2020 Cottage Opening Checklist

The May long weekend is quickly approaching, meaning that cottage season is finally here! Before you can relax and enjoy all of the summer fun, the cottage must be opened, which can be an overwhelming task. In order to ensure that you cover all of the basics, while still making time for some fun, we’ve created a simple checklist.

Before You Go

There is nothing worse than realizing you have forgotten something! To make sure that doesn’t happen, be sure to go through this pre-trip checklist.

Bring along any cleaning supplies you will need.
Pack some tools that will be necessary for fixer-uppers.
Be sure to check that your insurance is up to date.
If necessary, call the hydro company, or any other service you may need to get the cottage up and running. It is best to do this well in advance to ensure that someone will be available to help you out.
Have some friends come along to help!

Upon Arrival

As soon as you get there, your inspection begins. Start with the exterior of the cottage, making sure to check:

While doing a walk around, check for any potential damage to phone lines, power lines, roof, chimney, dock, deck, siding, windows, and foundation.
Ensure that there are no signs of a break in.
Look for any water damage that has developed over the winter months.
Check for any signs of a pest invasion.

After a full walk-around has been done, its time to focus on the interior. Be sure to:

Survey the interior for pests- especially mice. If pests are found, be sure to call a professional in order to get the problem under control.

Check your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems before turning them on. You may want to hire a professional to inspect them in order to ensure there are no problems.
Plug in all appliances, making sure they are all functional.
Inspect the home for water leaks that could have occurred over the winter.
Change the batteries on all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
Check for any mold or mildew that has developed. If you smell something musty, be sure to hire a professional to inspect the area as these issues should be addressed immediately.
Finally, let your cottage air out. Be sure to open all windows and doors, allowing your cottage to breathe some fresh air after a long winter.


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