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How To Make Moving Easier

Moving is all at once an exciting and hectic time. While you’re excited about a fresh start in a new place, you have to somehow manage to live your day to day life while packing it all up. If you’re lucky enough to be getting ready to move, then you’ll want to read these moving tips that will make packing up your home easier leading up to and on the big day.

How To Make Moving Easier

1 month before

If you haven’t already started, now is the time to purge your home. The last thing you want to do is move unwanted items from your old place to the new one. Take the time now to donate and give away anything that’s in good condition and you no longer use. Throw out anything that’s half broken and worn out. It’s finally time to part with your broken microwave and running shoes from college.

One month before the move is also a good time to get boxes and start packing the things that you can live without over the next month. Things like holiday decorations, books, and family pictures can all be boxed up and set aside. There’s no need to pack up everyday items like plates and cutlery, but your fine China and special occasion flatware can be boxed up now.

Another way to prepare for your move is to designate a room in the house for packed boxes. Not only will it keep things organized so you won’t forget a box, it will be a big help for the movers on moving day.

Bonus packing tips:

Buy boxes that are all the same size. This way you can easily stack them on top of each other, making storage until the move and then loading into the moving van on moving day, much easier.
Label the boxes by name and room – this way you know where the box is going and who it belongs to. This is especially helpful if you have kids.
While on the subject of labeling, make sure to label both sides of the boxes. This way no matter which side of the box is showing, you know who the box belongs to and where it goes.

1 week before

By now you should have a majority of your items packed up. One week before the move is the time to kick it into high gear and pack away the weekly used items. A great way to help you decide what is not really every day necessary is to pack as if you’re going on a week long trip. Take out your suitcase and put in enough clothes for the next week and your toiletries. If there’s anything else you absolutely cannot live without this next week, you can pack that in your suitcase too.

Prepare a bag full of things you’ll need your first few days there. This includes scissors or a knife to open your boxes and garbage bags to throw out any packing materials. It’s also a good idea to pack a box with some snacks, glasses or mugs so you can have a drink while unpacking, and some dishes and cutlery. Pack some paper towel, hand and dish soap, and cleaning supplies as you’ll definitely want to clean up the new place. Think of anything you might need on moving day and add it to this “day of” box.

1 day before

The day has finally come and you’re moving tomorrow! Set aside some empty boxes and tape for last minute items you may have forgotten to pack. You’ll want to do one final walk through of your place to make sure you haven’t accidentally left something on a shelf or in a drawer. Make sure all boxes have been moved into the main room that you designated a month ago, that way you won’t forget a box and leave it behind.

Make sure you have laid out your moving clothes for the next day and have comfortable footwear on as you’ll likely be running back and forth.

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