Thursday Jul 11th, 2019


How To Create a Cozy Home with Lighting

With the days getting shorter, darker and colder, now is the perfect time to consider your options for creating a cozy home with lighting this winter.

With daylight savings making our days shorter and darker, what are some ways homeowners can create a brighter and cozier home to help fight the winter blues?
Timers are a must, they automatically adjust for daylight savings and help ensure your home is safe and lit when arriving home during those long dark winter months.

When purchasing new light bulbs for your home, you want to go for bright LED bulbs at the right colour, 5000k is now what’s new and hot in bulbs. LED tape lights are a great way to add accenting lighting.

Energy bills often increase in the winter, what are some cost effective and energy efficient ways to light a home?

Use energy efficient light bulbs and install timers in your lights. Timers help ensure lights are not left on all night and are on only when needed such as when arriving home.

Sensors are also very helpful to light a home and help save money. Sensors throughout walk in closets, hallways, basements, and laundry rooms are another way to help ensure lights come on when entering an area and turn off automatically when leaving. This ensures no extra energy is left on when the lights are not in use.

Holiday party season is upon us now . What’s the best way to use lighting to enhance the party? Are there cost-effective ways to create the best party lighting?

Lighting looks best when used properly, timers ensure lights are on when needed and ensures when guests arrive at your home that it is well lit and therefore inviting. Dimming controls are also effective in reducing energy.

To enhance your Holiday parties, you can easily and quickly add a beautiful centre light or add in some retrofit pot lights to illuminate the space. This job can be quickly done and with minor inconvenience, a room can be brightened with a visit from licensed electricians.

All lights are now LED. From what used to be halogen bulbs, 50w are now 5w LED, reducing consumption and costs. Using non-cheap bulbs allows for the right kind of lumen and LED lights to brighten the spaces up for less money.

Design is everything and lighting is art if you want to set the mood. Lighting consultants and electricians  can make your dream space come true.

Gone are the days of spending hours unravelling the ball of christmas lights, making decorating your home with festive lights easy and less time consuming so/you can enjoy those cheerful get togethers!

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