Wednesday May 05th, 2021


Spring Landscaping Checklist

Spring is a season full of unpredictability. One day can be unseasonably warm and the next is back to below freezing temperatures. While you can’t depend on the weather, you can depend on the help of pros to get your landscape ready for whenever spring really decides to show up. Add these tasks to your spring landscaping checklist and get started now.

Prune Shrubs and Trees

Spring is the perfect time to have your shrubs and trees pruned for two reasons. First of all, it’s easier to prune in the spring because new leaves and bubs have not yet blossomed. This makes it easier for your pro to properly see what to prune away. Secondly, getting rid of dead and damaged branches will help your plants grow better because they will only be focused on new growth. By having dead branches pruned back, your shrubs and trees will be able to bloom and grow and look good while doing it.

Basic Yard Maintenance

There are several small but important tasks that need to be done to your yard in spring. Luckily, a landscaping company can tackle all of these for you over a weekend. Ask your landscaper to rake up any fallen leaves or dead foliage, pull up spent annuals and clean out your flower beds. Taking the time to clear out the debris will help create a better environment for bulbs and flowering plants.

You can also have a landscaper assess your grass to determine how much work might need to be done later on. In cold climates like Canada, grass doesn’t begin to grow until April, so early spring is the perfect time to test your soil’s pH and make a plan. Your landscaper can also work out what is needed if you require new grass or touch ups in spots.

Aerate Your Lawn

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to aerate your lawn, but you may be wondering why that is. When you aerate your lawn, you are perforating the soil with small holes. These small holes allow for water, air and nutrients to better reach the roots of your grass. This results in a healthier lawn because your grass roots are able to grow deeper and stronger. It’s ideal to have your lawn aerated in late spring. Your landscaper will use a special machine to complete the aeration. Once this task is done, your landscaper can start working on adding fertilizer to your lawn to make it look healthy and beautiful.

Refresh Hardscapes

Hardscapes are the non-living elements of landscaping. This includes any rocks, brick, or stones used within your landscaping. You may have found that over the course of the winter these pieces have shifted. Ask your landscaper to rake up any gravel that may have escaped from walkways and patios and fill in missing spots. They can also refill joints between flagstones with new sand. They can also use a pressure washer to clean your walkways and patios, removing any algae spots or dirt. If you need major repairs done to your walkways or patio, it’s best to speak to a pro who specializes in these tasks.

Repair Fence Damage

While you may not consider your fence to be a part of your landscaping, it certainly supports it. Whether that’s physically supporting plants growing on it, or helping separate the perimeter between your yard and your neighbours’, your fence is an important part of your overall landscape’s appearance. Spring is the perfect time to check it for damaged posts, rotted wood and paint chips. If repairs are minor, you can easily have a handyman make these repairs for you. 

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