Saturday Jan 11th, 2020


Kitchen Countertop Trends 2020

Countertops are an essential part of every kitchen. We use them daily for so much more than just preparing meals, so it’s fair to say our countertops see a lot of action. If you’re planning on updating your kitchen in 2020 you’ll want to know which countertops will set the trends. Here are the kitchen countertop materials you’re sure to see make a big impact this year.

1. Dark and Natural

In stark contrast to the pristine white countertops seen throughout the past decade, in 2020 dark and natural materials will come to the forefront. Natural materials and earth tones will be seen throughout the home in 2020 and our kitchens are no different. Natural woods like walnut help warm up the space and give it a certain sophistication. Try pairing your dark countertops with lighter cabinets and flooring. This will help balance the dark wood and keep your kitchen on-trend.

2. Butcher Block is Back

Butcher block countertops have come and gone in terms of popularity over the years, but they’re back in this year. Coming in a wide variety of styles and colours, butcher block countertops are another way you can incorporate the dark and natural trend. They can also help to break up an all-white kitchen and give it some personality. Butcher block countertops are also easy to maintain, requiring the occasional coating of mineral oil. If you’re looking for something sustainable and natural, butcher block is for you.

3. Matching Counter and Backsplash

Taking your countertop material and extending it up into your backsplash is going to big in 2020. Not only does this look very chic, but it’s also a cost-saving design choice. By using the same material for both your countertops and backsplash, you’re streamlining the number of materials used and may be able to get a better deal on buying more of the same. You can also add a shallow shelf to the top of your backsplash to create a display area for dinnerware and accessories. To stay on-trend, try this seamless look with natural stone like marble or granite.

4. Quartz is Still Queen

In 2019, we saw a rise in the popularity of quartz. A year later, this countertop material isn’t going anywhere. Quartz is a great choice for any kitchen due to its ability to look like natural stone but without many of the drawbacks. Quartz is man-made so it comes in a variety of colours and patterns you normally wouldn’t see with natural stone. Quartz is nearly indestructible and non-porous which means that it will not retain bacteria, making it easier to clean. Quartz has come a long way and offers many benefits so it’s no surprise it’s still one of the top kitchen countertop materials for 2020.


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