Thursday Jul 11th, 2019


Door Colours And Their Meaning Colour is a powerful visual tool for expressing a wide range of emotions and impressions. As such, the colour and design of your front door deserves careful consideration. If you’ve been thinking of painting your front door, here’s the meaning of different coloured doors, and what the colour might project about your personality. Red Door A red door traditionally conveys a home that is welcoming and warm for both strangers and family. In North American lore, a red door is signified a safe house along the Underground Railroad, while in Scotland, even today, a red door signifies the status of a paid mortgage. In feng shui, a red door is symbolic of an opening of “chi” or energy. Some Protestant and most Lutheran churches painted church doors red to identify them as part of the Reformation. Apparently, Albert Einstein painted his front door red so he could find his house. Many doors are painted red before the Chinese New Year as it is considered to be a colour that brings luck. Black Door Magic, mystery and elegance hide behind the black door. The inhabitants of a home with a black door are thought to be strong and sophisticated, with all aspects of their lives under control. The mystery of the black door communicate potential and possibility, which are good qualities for a home that is being sold. Pink Door Fearless and fun, the person who dares to paint their door pink loves making statements. It also a colour of health and nurturing, and in colour psychology, pink is a sign of hope. A home with a pink door can be thought of as full of loving energy. Up the drama and sophistication by combining pink with dark colours such as black, dark green or grey. Orange Door Orange represents enthusiasm, optimism, energy, and creativity and is not for the faint of heart. Painting your front door orange expresses positivity to your neighborhood and draws people to your home. This colour has very high visibility and creates lots of emotion, so you use it sparingly to highlight the most important elements of your design. Green Door A green front door signifies that you hold traditional values and are a solid member of the community. Commonly associated with growth and prosperity, green signifies change, development and wealth. Green doors are inviting and invigorating and are used to tie together the earthly elements outside the home with the safe interior. In Feng Shui, green is usually used for front doors that face the south or southeast. It is also believed to attract prosperity and is considered an extremely lucky color in Ireland.

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