Monday Nov 25th, 2019


How to Compromise on Home Decor with a Partner or Roommate

Whether you are moving in with a partner, friend, or roommate, there are bound to be some challenges when it comes to co-decorating your place. Chances are your vision of how you want your home to look will not directly line up with their vision, so compromise here is key. Not to worry, not all hope is lost. We are sharing a few tips on how to successfully find middle ground and create a beautiful, and functional place that both you and your partner/roommate are happy to call home.

Communication is Key

I know this is said all the time about everything, but that is because it is TRUE. Before you even begin the process of co-decorating, discuss your plans for your home. Compare what you both like and dislike and what you will absolutely not compromise on. By laying out certain things like colour palettes you like, styles you like, and even inspo pictures you like (thank you Pinterest) you can discuss where to go from there. Budget is also something that must be discussed beforehand in order to make sure you are both on the same page.

Stick to Neutral Colours

When it comes to the big stuff, especially in the communal spaces like the living room, stick to neutral colours that you can both agree on. Guarantee you will find it easier to agree on a simple style and colour as opposed to a crazy, loud one.

When Undecided On Something, Do a DIY

Can’t agree on a piece of furniture like a dinner table, coffee table, or chairs? Make one yourself and that will allow you both to integrated aspects of your personal styles into one certain piece. If creative DIY is not your thing, think about hiring a professional to build a custom piece for you that compromises both of your personal styles.

Mix Your Personal Styles

Determine and express your personal styles (rustic, industrial, modern, etc.), and colours and look to see how you can incorporate aspects of both into your home. Blending two styles can go wrong quite quickly, so be sure to institute balance and harmony between them both.

Embrace Your Bedroom Space

This is obviously only relevant to those living with friends or roommates and have their own bedroom space (enjoy it while it lasts!). This is where you can do you 100% and not have to think about whether or not your roommate will approve, so let your creativity shine through.

A Little Give & Take

It is important to remember that you are not going to agree on everything, so choose your battles and have an open mind when it comes to everything. If your roommate is not happy, you in turn won’t be happy so make sure you are both excited and confident with the home that you have created together.

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