Thursday Jul 16th, 2020


The Best Ways To Incorporate Concrete In Your Home

Gone are the days where concrete was reserved for drab, industrial spaces. Now it is a huge trend and is being introduced in many creative ways throughout the home. Not only does concrete look great, but it is also extremely durable, versatile, and affordable, so how could you go wrong? 

Kitchen Countertops

This is one of the most popular ways that people are bringing concrete into their homes as it is a material that wears well for years on end if sealed and maintained properly. Similar to other natural countertop materials, concrete must be sealed in order to prevent staining and discolouration. Although not ideal for the particular perfectionist, a concrete countertop has a way of making a room look lived in and inviting.


When one thinks of concrete, they usually don’t tend to associate it with elegance. This is where many are wrong. When polished, concrete floors can be a beautiful addition to any home thanks to its versatility. Unlike other common materials used for floors (like vinyl or hardwood) concrete is extremely durable and is not vulnerable to damages caused by furniture, people, or the environment. By polishing it once every year or two, the concrete will not only look amazing, but it will also last 8-10 times longer than it will if left untreated.


By adding a concrete wall(s) in any room, you are guaranteed to make a bold statement. Keep in mind though that you do not have to have an ultra contemporary home to take advantage of this this trend. It can be done on a smaller scale as well by just adding a concrete accent wall, instead of using concrete for all four walls.


A fireplace has the potential to be an absolute show stopper, especially when done with concrete. How better do you add a cozy, yet modern feel in a room?


Concrete is just starting to emerge in the bathrooms after it’s seen such success in the kitchen. It adds a natural and minimalist look to the bathroom in a way that cannot quite be replicated. Be sure to have the sink sealed as it is quite porous, just like most other natural materials.

Home Decor

Like the whole concrete trend but are too intimidated to try it out in a big way? There are many ways you can incorporate concrete into your house without the commitment, including light fixtures, indoor planters, coffee tables etc. Start out small and let it inspire you!

Bonus: Outdoor Furniture

Due to the fact that concrete is exceptionally durable, it performs quite well in an outdoor environment, especially when compared to other materials. Built-in concrete furniture has become a huge backyard trend as it has the potential to transform a backyard into a comfy outdoor living room. Just add a few pillows and you are set. What more could you want?


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